Sky lanterns

A flamin’ menace!

Like helium balloons – what goes UP MUST COME down – sky lanterns land as harmful aerial litter.

There is absolutely no control over where sky lanterns land – lit or unlit – posing a HUGE FIRE RISK to farm buildings, houses, recycling plants (Smethwick, in 2013) and zoos (German Zoo in January this year)

Sky lanterns have caused fatal injuries to livestock, horses, captive animals and wildlife

Sky lanterns are mistaken for distress flares – causing false call outs for the RNLI and Coastguard

Krefeld zoo fire: German police suspect three women

Boy burned by Chinese lantern in Wrexham

‘Ignorance’ to blame as horses narrowly escape falling sky lanterns

A sky lantern nearly landed on top of me

Warning over Chinese lanterns after star horse set on fire

There have been several petitions – to ban sky lanterns (AND balloon releases) but since the Defra study – Sky lanterns and helium balloons: an assessment of impacts on livestock and the environment – the Government have not done anything about putting a ban in place.

Another petition has been set up (very recently – April 2020) – #SkyLanterns “…damage has always been extensive…” – Please sign and share widely.