Don’t Inflate to Celebrate is a UK based campaign raising awareness of the negative impacts of aerial litter.

As a partner of the Wave of Change Network, and that we are celebrating our Tenth Anniversary, we thought it very fitting to team up with fellow Partner; Ecotainment to host screenings of Rubber Jellyfish to host screenings all around Dorset.

Don’t Inflate to Celebrate and Ecotainment! are launching a Crowdfund campaign to raise awareness by bringing this film to Dorset for the first time.

By hosting screenings of Rubber Jellyfish, throughout Dorset, we are aiming to reach a diverse audience and hoping that charities/organisations, as well as members of the public, will make the pledge never to let a balloon go again – especially when there are so many better litter-free alternatives!


Wave of Change Network

How it Started

The Wave of Change started on Friday 5th May 2017 at Queen Elizabeths school Wimborne, Dorset. When 180 people including 8 local and regional organisations attended a film screening of A Plastic Ocean. To follow-up this success there was another screening in November at the Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester.

This second ‘wave’ coincided with the BBC Blue Planet 2 series being broadcast in the UK which was seen by 17 million people. Thanks to the the ‘Attenborough Effect’ the public suddenly became even more acutely aware of this issue which encouraged us to organise even more screenings with the support of Bournemouth University.

The Wave of Change website was born to support these film-screenings plus link-up all the various Plastic Free activity across the region. In 2018 we continued to arrange screenings for British Science Week, Earth Day & World Oceans day. This third & fourth ‘wave’ ended in July 2018. In total we had visited 15 venues and over 600 people had attended one of these Plastic Ocean screenings, a phenomenal amount.

Each event involves Event Partners as well as the public. These partners are the value-aligned organisations, supporters and businesses that attend and help promote the events locally.

We continue to make plastic-free waves by bringing the Rubber Jellyfish movie to the UK & Europe for the first time. The film-premiere and subsequent tour is supported by a Crowd fund campaign. Every time we announce a screening or organise an event we get requests for more screenings so Crowd-funder is the is the perfect partner to support these. The size and length of this Wave will be determined by the amount of money raised and the amount of public interest we can generate. Will we be able to repeat the success of A Plastic Oceans in Dorset?

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