Balloons Blow Don’t Let Them Go!


The Dorset Rubber Jellyfish campaign continues this weekend at Durlston Country Park, Swanage on Saturday April 13th (10.30 – 3 pm).

Rubber Jellyfish is a feature-length documentary film by Australian wildlife conservationist and mum-to-be Carly Wilson. In the film Carly goes on a mission to uncover the truth surrounding sea-turtles and their propensity for dining on plastic waste.

These majestic creatures which have been around since the age of dinosaurs are under threat from ocean plastic and in particular bags, wraps and balloons which mimic their prey. Most shockingly Carly discovers ‘bio-degradable’ a term often used to sell eco-friendly alternatives being abused and so-called scientific studies misleading.

Take a look at any balloon packaging and it will tell you Choking Hazard!

12 – 1 pm Film-Fiesta in the Exhibition/ Gallery Space

Origami Balloon and Sea-Turtle making workshops suitable for young & old PLUS take-part in the Hunt for Deadly-Jellies game and sign-up to our pledge ‘Don’t Let Go’!

1 pm – 2.20 pm Rubber Jellyfish film (80 min 12A)

2.30 – 3.00 pm Question & Answer discussion

Don’t Inflate to Celebrate and Ecotainment! both campaigned to bring this film to the UK for it’s European premiere and will be present at the Durlston screening. it is only the second time the film has been shown in Dorset, there will be a suggested donation of £5 to watch the film 12A recommended, under twelves to be accompanied by adult. For further info. please consult the website and @DorsetRubberJellyfish Facebook page.

*Featured Image credit Wimborne War on Waste

Origami Balloons & Sea Turtles (credit Canon Creative Park)
Sea-Turtles image credit Wimborne War on Waste

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