Coming Soon…

Don’t Inflate to Celebrate is teaming up with fellow #WaveofChange  partner, Ecotainment! to host screenings of the Australian full-length documentary ‘Rubber jellyfish’ around Dorset:

We all know that throwing rubbish on the ground is littering, so why is letting a balloon float away seen as something different? Rubber Jellyfish is a feature-length documentary that explores the effects of helium balloons on the environment, wildlife and human beings. Mum-to-be Carly Wilson sets out on a personal journey to meet key players on all sides in the fight to ban balloons, and exposes the confronting truth behind our favourite party product. As she travels around Australia and explores problems around the world, seeking to understand the science and various points of view, Carly discovers a range of issues, from the heartbreaking impact on sea turtles to the potentially deadly effect of helium on children. Her journey takes her from littered beaches to the capital, as she speaks to businesses and politicians to find out why the balloon problem is being ignored and if something can be done.

We will very shortly be launching a Crowd-funder so that we can hopefully raise enough funds to be able to show this important documentary about an environmental issue that seems to be lost component in amongst the plastic pollution that’s destroying our planet and killing our wildlife – aerial litter A.K.A balloon releases….


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