Plastic Tide

Today the Dorset Wave of Change continued at Thomas Hardye school in Dorchester. Where approximately 350 students watched the Sky News special report Plastic Tide (45min). The hour long session was introduced to students by Lee Hadaway of Ecotainment! and ended with a discussion. Here is the introduction published for the first time. Be sure to check our Media page for the full-length Plastic Tide video along with similar clips and news articles.

“if there is intelligent life on this planet its not necessarily us”

Those are the words of Bob Hunter a journalist, environmentalist and founder member of Greenpeace. That’s a strange comment from a human being whose scientific name Homo-Sapien literally means Wise Man. Bob was referring to the great Whales which were on the verge of being wiped-out by hunters in the 1970s. These magnificent beasts, the largest brains on the planet, have evolved for millennia and just like us humans have complex social structures and language.

No Planet ‘B’ environmental activist at climate change march Bournemouth, November 2015 

So what is it about us humans that means we show so little regards for our environment and other species on this ‘spaceship earth’. There is after all no ‘Planet B’ so are we hard-wired to cause environmental destruction? Since humans left the African continent millennia ago we literally hunted and gathered our nuts-off slowly wiping out species of flora, fauna, beast and bird as we went. But in the last 200 years things have been accelerating at an alarming rate.

There has been talk of a ‘tipping point’ – the point of no return. Of ‘planetary boundaries’ the limits to which eco-systems can support life are being reached and exceeded. If this is true then how do we take-action quickly and effectively in unity? How do we create this mass-movement peacefully without causing more harm or disruption to the established ways of the wise old-world. Well put simply we can all start today by refusing the single-use plastic items which have become so prevalent in the past twenty years. (Secret life of Landfill BBC)

Bottled water is BIG business. It’s so unbelievably profitable, 500 times more expensive than tap water, that billions are spent on marketing this product as pure, refreshing and crystal clear. Well guess what so is tap-water! The only difference being that you have to THINK ahead and bring your own bottle to work or college or school instead of stopping and buying a new one everyday. Some environmentalists say #waterislife in which case who has the right to bottle and sell water? When all life on earth is dependant on fresh clean water – is it even possible to ever own water??

So why has plastic become the poster-child for environmentalists like me? Well unlike other environmental issues such as genetically modified organisms, climate change and pesticides plastic is visible.Imagine slicing open your daily bread and seeing hundreds of coloured specks from GMO or ingredients that were produced using pesticides.  The brightly coloured pieces of plastic littering the street, ocean & countryside do not decay but they break-up into smaller and smaller pieces making them even harder to clear-up. One piece can literally become millions of tiny pieces of micro-plastic which then accumulate un-detectable.

So the purpose of this session is to make you pass on plastic, pack-it-in or pick-it-up!
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